Nepali Movie: Lukamari

Released on 12th magh 2073

Lukamari is 2016 crime action film written and directed by Shree Ram Dahal. The film stars Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Bikram Singh Tharu, Surabina Karki, and Rista Basnet in lead roles. The film is slightly based on Khyati Shrestha murder case of 2009.The movie is regarded as on of the best movie ever created in Nepalese film industry. It is counted among the revolutionary movies like Loot, Kabaddi, etc made in mid 2010's in Nepal which are credited for introducing a new way of movie making in Nepal.

Nepali Movie: King

Released on Poush 28, 2073 (January 12, 2017)

An action packed love story directed and written by Sabir Shrestha features Nikhil Uprety, Anoop Bikram Shahi and Benisha Hamal as the main performers. Nikhil finds himself surrounded by enemies and villains. A girl that he is in love with and some family problems. With dramas, twists and turns, this movie if full on spicy. And the primary question is who the King is or who will be the King at the end?

Nepali Movie: Sayad-2

Released on June 19, 2017

The film stars Sushil Shrestha and Sharon Shrestha in lead roles. It also features Amrit Dhungana, Kushal Pandey, Sunil Rawal, Sushil Sitaula, Nisha Karki, Rubina Shrestha, and Buddhi Lal Magar. The film initially cast Sandhya K.C, Arpana Upadhyaya and Aashirman Joshi[2] in lead roles but they were replaced by Sharon, Nisha Karki and Kushal Pandey respectively

Nepali Movie: Kri

Release on: 2nd Kartik, 2074

The shooting of the upcoming movie of Anmol KC, ‘Kri’ is still going on. The movie that got the media attention since its first announcement, has been in the headlines despite of the secrecy surrounding the movie. In the first look poster, Anmol is shown to be featured in action role, a sharp contrast to his lover-boy avatar in his previous movies. Anmol had built body and had kept his looks secret by staying away from the media since the announcement of the movie.